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Художник Jody Harmon

Все изображения в оригинальном разрешении, но отображены в размере 640 пикселей по наибольшей стороне.

A British Churchill tank on the move in Sicily - late 1943

An M4 Sherman modified with a flamethrower, in action during the battle for Iwo Jima, Spring 1945.

One of the intense, pivotal engagements during the Battle of Kursk in July, 1943. German Tiger 1 heavy tanks versus Soviet T34 tanks at extremely close ranges, with high casualties on both sides.

An overhead view of Tiger and Panther tanks slugging it out with T34s, amidst mortar and artillery fire as well - during the Battle of Kursk.

Wary soldiers and Sherman crew in action during the battle of Aachen, Germany in late 1944.

Preproduction examples of the Soviet JS-8 heavy tank are being demonstrated for Josef Stalin at the Kubinka proving grounds in 1950

Battle of Berlin, 1983. A theoretical scene showing Soviet T-64s advancing from the east into West Berlin at "Checkpoint Charlie".

A Russian T-90 emits a defensive smokescreen during training maneuvers.

A Yugoslav-built M84 (T72) leads a column of Serb vehicles out of Pristina. Kosovo, 1999.

An M3A2 Bradley Fighting vehicle patrols the streets of a Bosnian village, part of the multi-national peacekeeping forces in place there.
(enlarged as a mural for the Patton Museum)

An ARMOR magazine cover depicting the U.S. Army Constabulary forces in post-war Germany.

M46 Patton tank crews defending their hilltop position from an intense attack late in the Korean war.
(enlarged as a mural for the Patton Museum)

A US Army supply convoy is protected by M1A1 Abrams tanks at the front and rear of the column, during the dangerous postwar period in Iraq.

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Художник Jody Harmon
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