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Художник John D. Shaw

A Higher Call

The Eagle’s Nest

The Homecoming

Into the Storm

Shark Sighting

Iwo Jima: A Hard Won Haven

Semper Fi Skies

Debden Eagles

Outrun the Thunder

They Fought with what They Had

The Magnificent Fight

God Shed his Grace on Thee

Avengers of the Philippines

Hang Tough: Bastogne 1944

We were a Band of Brothers

Summer of ‘42

Tigers in the Gorge

The Warrior and the Wolfpack

Black Sheep Squadron

Red-Tail Angels

Highest Possible Courage

By the Dawn’s Early Light

American Volunteer Group in China

Thunder over the Patuxent

The Unlimiteds

The Hornet’s Nest

Pacific Summer

Художник John D. Shaw
Количество: 51
Разрешение: 432х432 - 5898x3842
Размер: 23 Mb



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