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Open Assault

Robert Taylor's memorable painting "Open Assault" shows Hurricanes of 501 Squadron attacking a force of Ju87 Stukas as they dive-bomb naval vessels and installations in the port of Dover on 29 July 1940. Hight explosive bombs detonate within the sheltered anchorage as escorting Bf109s from JG51 race in to protect their lumbering charges. Four Stukas and two Me109s are dispatched, for the loss of just one RAF aircraft.
рисунок Open Assault
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Дата: 09.12.2014 (21:23) | Теги: JU-87, Robert Taylor, Германия, бомбардировщик, Junkers | Добавил: PatriotRus39
Картинка Open Assault загружена в разрешении 2048x1219px
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